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Cheryl Slack
Chief Human Resource Officer

Cheryl Slack brings over three decades of human resource experience to her role as Chief Human Resource Officer. In 2015, Slack joined Schumacher Clinical Partners to lead a team of more than 75 recruiters focused on Emergency Medicine and Hospital Medicine providers. In her current role, she is responsible for human resources, corporate recruitment and retention, learning and development, integration, onboarding and retention systems.

Slack’s career began as a human resource professional at Sygen, an international agribusiness, biotechnology organization based in England, where she was responsible for policy, practices and procedures in recruiting, human resources and organization development in 23 countries.

Slack later joined Cogent Healthcare as Vice President of Human Resources and then served as Chief Human Resource Officer. She spent ten years with the organization leading the human resource, recruiting, credentialing, payroll and organizational development teams during her tenure with the organization, which served approximately 3000 hospitalists and 1500 independent providers at the time of the merger with HMG.