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Tips, guides, tools and featured articles highlighting the latest healthcare industry news and trends.


Is Your Medical Director a Leader?
Help build your hospital's reputation and sustain a practice environment where doctors won't want to leave.

Find Better Emergency Medicine Candidates, Faster
Fill open physician positions with the right candidates.

Recruiting the Right (& Retainable) Doc
Utilize a match-minded checklist as a basis for your recruiting process to find suitable candidates. 

Happy Docs, Better Retention
Keys to keeping your physicians committed to your ED.


5 Ways Hospital Executives Can Improve ED Patient Experience
Steps to improve your hospital’s ED experience and drive excellence in patient satisfaction.

6 Hospital Management Strategies to Thrive in Today's Healthcare Environment
Ensure your hospital thrives in a healthcare environment where revenues keep shrinking and expenses continue to rise with these hospital management strategies.

6 Benefits Telemedicine Provides Smaller Hospital Medicine Programs
Telemedicine makes it possible for smaller facilities to supply quality diagnostic and treatment services in a more cost-efficient, timely manner while still providing personalized patient care.

6 Benefits of RVUs as Measurement Standard
Utilizing RVU plans inspire productivity and create the opportunity for physicians to earn more while sharing part of the financial risks. 

Aligning EM-HM Teams with Joint Operations Committee (JOC) 
Establish a regular, multi-disciplinary meeting cadence and genuine shared accountability at your hospital to align your emergency and hospital medicine teams.

6 Benefits of Integrating NPs and PAs in HM Programs
Discover why leveraging team-based care/coverage models can benefit your hospital medicine program.