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Our difference: Not just providers. Leaders. 

We know that medical leadership is critical to Emergency Medicine or Hospital Medicine success. But medical directors need more than clinical knowledge to run a successful department. They need leadership skills – something they don’t get in medical school. That’s why we offer Clinical Leadership Forums with comprehensive support resources as a professional service to assist, train and develop hospital leaders of today and tomorrow. 

Program overview

Our comprehensive leadership program consists of continuous leadership education, mentoring, peer groups, online courses and conferences built around the core concepts of lifelong learning. 

  • Clinical Leadership Orientation (CLO)
  • Skillport online and teleconference learning
  • National medical director leadership forums
  • Documentation training modals
  • 100+ hours free continuing education: online courses, conferences, teleconferences, newsletters
  • Access to 64,000 hours of elective online training

Clinical leadership orientation

The series begins with Clinical Leadership Orientation, where we introduce all provider leaders to the Schumacher Clinical Partners culture and executive management, help them understand our expectations and guide them through the stages of our leadership-based forums.

Clinical leadership forums

To take medical directors to the next level, we offer continued, progressive Clinical Leadership Forums that support and develop the management skills needed to assure the long-term success of your department. Medical directors learn how to resolve conflicts and address performance issues. They receive individual development plans to focus on specific improvements in their departments. They are coached and mentored to achieve goals, and they benefit from best practice sharing with other leaders. Medical directors use sophisticated resources to build on this leadership foundation and achieve mastery.

Medical director support 

Our supporting resources expose medical directors to the tools they need to be the driving force in any Emergency or Hospital Medicine department. 

  • ED Metrics Dashboard and graphs to monitor facility and provider data compared with national and regional benchmarks
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Patient flow studies 
  • Provider portal – 24/7 online communication hub
  • Nurse liaison and regional operating support
  • Comprehensive Medical Director manual
  • Customized ED operational assessment
  • Monthly medical brief (e-newsletter focused on risk mitigation and quality improvement)