Hospitals and healthcare providers across the U.S. are facing a severe shortage of qualified doctors.

A 2017 study commissioned by the American Association of Medical Colleges found that the United States will see a deficit numbering between 40,800 and 104,900 by 2030.

Nowhere is the shortage more pronounced than in rural areas where nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population lives but only ten percent of physicians practice.

The reasons for the shortfall may range from physician reluctance to give up the creature comforts of urban areas for the more limited amenities found in small towns, to the fear of burnout due to the increased workload, to the stigma that doctors in rural areas aren't as competent as their urban complement.

Regardless, the need for emergency medicine physicians has never been greater. In this post, we outline six benefits you can accrue by working in a rural ED. We hope that what you read may entice you enough to give up the bright lights of the city in favor of...