As a clinician, there are two excellent reasons you should improve your patient experience skills: Patients demand it, and payors reward it. 

While you may acknowledge the truth of that statement, you might also be wondering how to turn the concept of improved patient experience into practical reality. In part 2 of our series on improving the patient experience, we invite you to follow these five tried-and-proven recommendations for starters:

1. See Your Patient as Quickly as Possible and Immediately Introduce Yourself

One of the chief complaints from patients regards the time it takes to see a doctor. To remedy that, see your patient as quickly as possible.

Set a positive impression by being present when the nurse first starts their assessment (or arriving even before they begin). You can bet the nurse and the patient will take notice.

Another frequent complaint from patients is that in the mix of providers and other staff they encountered during their visit, no one ever told...