Right-Sizing Your ED Amid Health Reform

Dr. Randy Pilgrim offers tips on how to prepare your ED for future challenges during this era of health care reform.

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Linking healthcare needs of employers to providers

SCP WellnessWorks is your hospital resource for linking the healthcare needs of employers to providers, driving commercial revenue for hospitals. We form partnerships between local healthcare organizations and employers to focus on community healthcare revenue growth. Our program is designed to provide a coordinated approach in the delivery of healthcare services to an insured captive audience.

How we do it

Through our enrollment and implementation process, we identify specific needs of an insured captive audience to increase general health, preventive health, occupational health, and workers’ compensation. SCP WellnessWorks aligns the healthcare needs of employers and their employees with our clients and their affiliated providers.

We develop relationships with local employers and the community contributing to greater access and visibility within an employer-insured population. 

We provide a direct-to-employer business development platform that includes sales, marketing, and care coordination with: 

  • Customized, flexible business development plans
  • Integration of current marketing and outreach efforts
  • A dedicated team serving as an extension of your hospital
  • Frequent and ongoing ROI measurement reports
  • A dedicated individual serving as the face of your hospital in the community. 

Program services

  • Marketing of direct-to-employer health services
  • Service coordination for all employee healthcare appointments
  • Growth of marquee service lines
  • Promotion of physician panel population
  • Identification of patient utilization patterns
  • Management of Physician Referral Line (PRL) and appointment scheduling
  • Securing care for ED patients post-discharge

Client benefits

  • Hospital clients realize 200% ROI in first year 
  • Program specifically designed within hospital’s current capabilities while granting market exclusivity 
  • Generate revenue - Focus on insured captive audience (employers, employees, and family members) to increase utilization of all healthcare services within the hospital