Customized Hospitalist Programs

Right-Sizing Your ED Amid Health Reform

Dr. Randy Pilgrim offers tips on how to prepare your ED for future challenges during this era of health care reform.

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Improving continuity of care with hospitalist medicine

A strong hospitalist program benefits each interest group within your community. 

Our custom programs help facilities achieve:

  • Improved patient advocacy for hospitalized patients
  • True teamwork through a systems approach for the best possible care
  • Seamless transitions from triage to discharge for ED patients 
  • Increased medical staff and patient satisfaction
  • Enhanced continuity of care 
  • Improved compliance with quality/core measures
  • Reduced GMALOS to ALOS variances and improved Case Mix Index
  • Productive alliances and communication with referring physicians


Our hospitalists are available throughout the day to see patients, meet with consultants, analyze test results, engage in family discussions and facilitate early discharge. Patients feel an enhanced continuity of care, and hospitalists naturally emerge as experts in optimizing the function of the hospital system itself.

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With a hospitalist program, hospitals see value through decreased clinical variation, improved use of resources, management of unassigned patients, systems solutions, committee service and an increase in market share.

Primary care physicians

We help decrease call responsibilities, relieve unassigned patient load and promote more efficient office time, resulting in increased revenue, physician lifestyle improvements and more focused CME on outpatient skills relevant to physicians’ office practice.

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A smoother interface between ICU and the floor allows specialists to concentrate more on their specialty while hospitalists take over medical management of surgical patients. Early discharge of medical patients frees beds for specialty admissions.