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Learn how we’ve helped hospitals like yours take action to streamline hospital operations, implement cost and revenue solutions, achieve clinical quality goals, and more.

Operations improvement and management

EM and HM Synergy Improves Core Measures
Joint Operations Committee forms at 204-bed hospital facing difficulties with recruiting, coverage models and patient satisfaction resulting in improved core measures

Integrated EM and HM service delivery generates meaningful metric improvements
Louisiana health system decreases LWOTs and ALOS resulting in better patient satisfaction, provider retention, core measures, and streamlined admissions

Key performance metric improvements and partnership excellence
New Orleans hospital surpasses goal to lower LWOT percentages and decreases door-to-provider time by nearly one hour 

Operations success through reduced door-to-doctor time and LWOTs
Florida hospital client decreases door-to-doctor time by 73% since 2014 creating a 75% increase in annual ED volume

Positive performance metrics yield increased patient satisfaction
Major university system maintains less than 1% LWOTs and 20-minute door-to-provider mark

Resourceful implementation leads to Hospital Medicine program success
SCP successfully establishes full schedule of physicians within 6-9 months at two Florida-based facilities

Strong metric improvement in ED throughput for national for-profit system
20k annual ED volume facility aligns goals to drive better flow between work teams, surpassing benchmarks in quality core measures

Standardization and collaborative initiatives lead to reduction in CHF readmission rates
37k annual ED volume facility aligns goals and initiatives ultimately reducing Chronic Heart Failure readmission rates to 8.3% below benchmark within the first quarter of implementation

Successful hospital medicine recruiting efforts for client health system
Florida-based health system successful establishes a full schedule of physicians at two of its facilities through collaborative efforts with SCP

Successful metric improvement at two HCA hospital medicine programs
Within months of the contractual partnership with SCP, two HCA programs began to see significant improvement in overall metrics, community reputation, and patient satisfaction.