As we kick off the first week of the New Year, we wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on the highlights of 2018. Of the dozens of posts that appeared on the Schumacher Clinical Partners (SCP) blog throughout 2018, measuring provider productivity, management strategies, the opioid epidemic, and improving patient experience topped off the list.

We anticipate hearing more on these hot topics in 2019 as well. For now, we feel these five blogs deserve an encore due to their popularity. Here they are, in order of views, from greatest to least:

Using RVUs to Measure Provider Productivity

RVUs are a barometer of practice efficiency and patient complexity that offers insights into provider performance. In an age where rising expenses and reduced reimbursement are always in conflict, RVU compensation provides a defensible income. Hospitals that put all or part of a doctor’s income under an RVU plan inspire productivity and create the opportunity for physicians to earn more while...