Right-Sizing Your ED Amid Health Reform

Dr. Randy Pilgrim offers tips on how to prepare your ED for future challenges during this era of health care reform.

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Providing over 20 years of health care partnership

William C. Schumacher, M.D., a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician with over 30 years of experience as a medical practitioner, founded Schumacher Clinical Partners (formerly Schumacher Group) in 1994. What began as an Emergency Medicine staffing company is today one of the largest health care partners in the country.

Our physician-led company consists of a core team of medical and executive leaders, several of whom are board-certified Emergency Medicine physicians. Many of these leaders continue to work shifts in emergency departments.

They have decades of direct experience in emergency department management and operation and have a rich understanding of the complexities facing physicians in today’s environment. What began with one client has now grown to a nationwide company still staying true to the same founding mission that was created in 1994.

To experience more, view an interactive timeline for a glimpse into the formative years of Schumacher Clinical Partners (Schumacher Group) and other monumental moments along the way. 

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