Program Benefits

Right-Sizing Your ED Amid Health Reform

Dr. Randy Pilgrim offers tips on how to prepare your ED for future challenges during this era of health care reform.

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Healthy employees make for a healthy business

What if you could change the lives of your employees and your business? You can – with WellnessWorks.

Hospital benefits

Grow your investment 
Our clients average a 200% ROI in the first year on expected reimbursement for commercial lines of revenue.

Generate revenue
With direct access to local employees, your health system can be the provider of choice for all employer medical dollars.

Enhance and/or balance your payor mix
Target employee populations based on insurance class to diversify your payment sources.

Achieve ongoing population insights
Flex your services based on patient utilization metrics.

Gain market exclusivity 
Broaden your patient population for exclusive market coverage.

Employer benefits

  • Direct access to the hospital for all healthcare needs
  • Increased productivity and decreased absenteeism
  • Mitigation of premium rate increases
  • Robust employee wellness benefits 
  • Occupational and workers’ compensation services
  • On-site screenings and educational events
  • Dedicated physician panel to accommodate employer wants and needs